Peaceful Waters – Behind the scenes

Two months ago we had a special shoot in Ireland, on the Lough Derg to showcase the talent of our friend Pierre Monjarret who’s a fishing guide there. This was a 3 day shoot with drone and traditional means with transit by plane from Paris to Shannon airport in west Ireland.


Lift buckle plane


At that time of the year (end of june), days are very long so getting the right lighting conditions during only 3 days was a tough one. We were lucky to have one amazing sunset that we managed to pull on camera, it was the only one of our entire stay. Same thing for night shots as the sun goes down around 11:30pm and is up at around 5 :30, with extensive days filming on the boat and on the lake, resting was not an option.

Boat high speed aerial shot

Even though the film itself doesn’t have any voices or pure storytelling we tried to make it consistant in the form of « A day on the Lough Derg » with a cinema touch and the drone feel. The film has been selected to compete on the European drone film festival in October.
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boat and dog

Peaceful Waters

Our last film follows the day of Pierre, a pike fisherman on the mystical and mythical Lough Derg in western Ireland. Beautiful landscapes, and a lake showing a different face everyday are his daily life.



The Lough Derg is a 120 km² lake crossing Tipperary and Clare countys in Ireland. It is formed on the river Shannon and is close to Limerick and Shannon.